Hotel English (kèm 1cd)

Hotel English (kèm 1cd)
  • Hotel English (kèm 1cd)

  • - Tác giả:LiveABC
  • - Nhà xuất bản:tp.hcm
  • - Số trang:352
  • - Kích thước:17x23cm
  • - Năm xuất bản :2010
  • - Hình thức bìa :bìa mềm
  • Trọng lượng:

    750 g

  • Giá bìa:

    248.000 đ

  • Giá bán:

    235.000 đ


Table of content

1.      Phone inquiries: Accommodation and facilities, Locations, Phone reservations

2.      Drivers, Doormen and Bellhops: Airport pickup, Receiving guests, Carrying luggage, Hailing taxis

3.      Reception: Hotel check-on, Safe-deposit boxes, Handling messages

4.      Amenities: Electric appliances, Bathroom, Other amenities

5.      Requests for services: Housekeeping & Laundry, Bellhop service, Switchboard, The Front Desk

6.      Directions: Directions inside and outside the hotel, Places to visit

7.      Tour planning: Tour arrangements, Restaurant recommendations, Bike rentals

8.      Handling complaints: Amenity Complaints, Complaint solutions

9.      Restaurant/Bar: Reservations, Greeting guests, Bar & food orders, Serving customers

10.  Business Center/Event Planning: Business Center hours & services, Meeting and banquets

11.  Small Talk: Popular night markets, Local festivals, Tours of Kenting

12.  Paying the Bill: Hotel checkout, Asking about and paying the bill

13.  Emergencies: Emergency solutions & announcements, Stick or injured guests

14.  Job Interviewing: Interview questions, Making a good impression, Résumés & covers letters

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