Ace The IELTS -Third Edition

Ace The IELTS -Third Edition
  • Ace The IELTS -Third Edition

  • - Tác giả:Simone Braverman
  • - Nhà xuất bản:Đà Nẵng
  • - Số trang:132
  • - Kích thước:16 x 24 cm
  • - Năm xuất bản :12/2016
  • - Công ty phát hành:al
  • Trọng lượng:

    400 g

  • Giá bìa:

    46.000 đ

  • Giá bán:

    41.000 đ



Dear reader,

I am glad that you have chosen this book. Here you can find all the help you need to prepare for IELTS test by yourself. Yes, you can actually do it, and I am a living proof to that. English is not my first language. This is why I had to take the IELTS test, just like you have to. When I started to search for information on the lnternet, it took me forever to find, compare and test the efficiency of different techniques and tips.

This book is something I desperately needed when I was studying for my IELTS exam. It was created to make your life a little easier by supplying you with tips, resources and advice, all put together in one place. Read about the problems I had preparing for IELTS, and may be that will keep you from repeating my mistakes.

My IELTS test was a success and my dream became a reality. With this book you are not alone anymore and hopefully it will help you to fulfill your dreams.

All the best!

- Simone Braverman

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